• Who are these crazy kids anyway?

  • Two Young Turks

    Addie Juniper and Psymon Jerusalem met very shortly after deciding to venture into the dark side, and by dark, we mean sexytime. They quickly engaged their power rings to summon Captain Business Venture, and Brainwash Productions was born.

    We've worked with about a jillion models, and Addie has modelled herself for a wide variety of adult and fetish production companies.

  • Synergize!

    We do our best to take it to the next level. Psymon has consulted for some of the world's largest companies. Addie has five years of experience in professional fetish and adult modeling. We're hoping to bring a potent combination of real-world professionalism and a down-in-the-trenches knowledge base to the adult realm, or at least see a LOT of boobs.

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  • These are our sites. Affiliate program coming soon.


  • AddieJuniper.com

    Addie Juniper's official site, updated with new content three times a week. Contains tons of hardcore, softcore and an original look with an internet-culture edge.

  • TickleChicks.com

    One of the biggest and most popular tickling fetish sites on the interwebs. Updated twice weekly with fresh videos, featuring girls being tied up and tickled in a variety of ways.

  • BallbustShow.com

    Legendary VOD ballbusting fetish site makes its membership debut. Updated three times a week with exclusive premium-quality ballbusting content.

    • Release Date: 2011 Q4
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  • We also provide services for the adult industry.

  • Content Production

    Brainwash Productions can produce almost any type of adult or fetish content, from one-off exclusive or shared videos, to entire sites.
    Check out our content production site here.
    Or, contact us for a quote.

    Site and Webcam Hosting

    We provide explicit-content-friendly hosting services for adult websites, including membership-area streaming cams, blogs, social media integration and anything else you can think of.

  • Automation Solutions

    Find yourself doing the same boring, manual tasks over and over again while editing photos, rendering videos, uploading files, etc.? We can help. Expert-level consultation and development for task automation will save you time, save you money, and let you focus on the most productive aspects of your adult business.

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  • Interested in being a model for Brainwash Productions? We hire everyone from hardcore adult performers to foot-fetish-only models who don't take their clothes off.

    Click here to be whisked away to our model limitations form. Filling it out will let you know what we do, and let us know what we can do to you. A representative will then be with you shortly!

    If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at models@brainwashadult.com.

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    We always appreciate Royal Dansk cookies and marzipan.

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  • Anti-social Media

    We're up on all the latest ways on the interwebs to cybertalk. Click one of the icons below to assimilate with us.

    • Facebook: AddieJuniper1
    • Twitter: BrainwashXXX
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